Track FERC tariffs on your iPad.
Systrends eTariffApp is an application available at the Apple App Store for use on the iPad. eTariffApp uses features from related Systrends eTariff products and Systrends T2Enterprise to send tariff documents from FERC’s eTariff Viewer directly to your iPad.  eTariffApp stores user defined company tariffs in a library and retrieves updates as required.  Configuration options provide easy updates, bookmarking, and a history of any selected tariff.  Properties and related items show the relationship between dockets, filings and tariffs. 
eTariffApp is the simplest way to search, view, and track any tariffs filed with FERC.
eTariffApp features include:
  • Company library
  • Tariff library
  • User selection of companies
  • User selection of tariffs
  • Bookmarked pages for quick retrieval
  • Document tab to display entire tariff
  • Properties tab to display tariff name, description, effective date and version
  • Related items tab to display associated filings and tariffs
Let eTariffManager guide you through the tariff management process.