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Darktrace® Reseller Partner

Systrends is a Darktrace® Reseller Partner. As such, we are authorized to offer their Enterprise Immune System software which detects subtle indicators of compromise and threatening behaviors, even when those behaviors are new, complex, and constantly changing and evolving.







Darktrace Enterprise Immune System™ is an advanced machine learning technology for cyber defense. This new class of technology is inspired by the self-learning intelligence of the human immune system.


Darktrace Machine Learningdetects and neutralizes subtle, stealthy threats.

Machine Learning represents computers being able to undertake complex, thoughtful tasks. The fundamental technology underlying Darktrace is advanced, unsupervised machine learning, that is capable of learning what is normal and what is abnormal inside a network—on an evolving basis, without training data or customized models. This allows it to detect cyber-attacks that may not have been observed before, the unknown unknowns.

  • In legacy approaches to cyber security, people describe what and attack looks like and then ask the computer to look for a match to that description.

  • In Darktrace, the computer autonomously finds abnormal areas within large data sets, and makes intelligent judgements accordingly.

  • Darktrace’s self-learning capability is transformative, allowing organizations to embrace interconnected networks, while defending their critical data and reputation.


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