NEW SAVE Buttons in EQR

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NEW SAVE Buttons in EQR

When you log into an EQR filing, you will notice an extra button for validating and saving data, along with the original save filing button. We have come up with a way to avoid having to "validate" the data a second time when you click save filing after you receive only warnings in your validation.

The old process was to click save filing in which the system would run a validation and provide you a summary of warnings and/or errors. If you only had warnings and wanted to save the data with the warnings you would click save filing again and it would run a validation again and then save.

THE NEW PROCESS is to now to load your data, and then click the Validate and Save Filing. Then if you receive only warnings and you are OK with the data with warnings, then click the Save Filing button. This will bypass validating the data for a second time and just save your data.

If you make manual changes after uploading then click validate and save button to validate any changes you have made.


  • Validate and Save Filing button - Click  when you load data and want it to be validated
  • Save Filing - click this button if you receive only warnings from your validation and want to save the data without running through another validation. 


It is important to click Validate & Save filing first, otherwise the will software will come up with "error occur" especially if you have data that is incorrect. Only click save filing if you have warnings and want to bypass having the system run another validation.