eMBRdata Software

FERC Relational MBR Data Collections Requirement
FERC is adding a new requirement under Order 860 to collect certain information currently filed in the electric market-based rate program in a consolidated and streamlined manner to a relational database.
The order states that the Commission will begin collecting market-based rate affiliate information to clarify the scope of ownership information that Sellers must provide as part of their market-based rate filings. In addition, the Commission will modify its regulations to change the information required in a Seller’s asset appendix as well as the format through which such information must be submitted.
Systrends has developed a web-based application (called eMBRdata) to meet the requirements for the new MBR Data Collections in this Order.
A proprietary Bulk Upload Template allows users to gather the necessary data - with built in dropdown choices to ensure proper FERC compliant entries, and upload all the data at once to validate and turn into the XML package for submission to the relational database
Key components include:
  • Sync Look Up Tables and previously submitted data from FERC
  • Obtain Reference Numbers automatically from FERC relational database
  • Multi-user and Multiple company set up (no limit)
  • Filing dashboard for status, review, validation, and approval processes
  • Move between companies and filings easily
  • Pre-populate fields where necessary
  • Bulk import data using Excel Files
  • User role permissions for different types of access levels
  • Pre-Formatted fields to provide data entry integrity
  • FERC, business specific, and XML validation checks
  • FERC Validations and schema updated as required
  • Export Data in excel
  • Review process capable
  • Integrated with FERC web service for direct upload of XML to FERC and test submission service
For more information email:  eMBRdata@systrends.com