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**NEW** eTariff Training Videos Available

Systrends News Bites - Fri, 02/13/2015 - 14:50

eTariff Training Videos are now available.  These videos are designed to help any level user with the eTariff application.

The videos include:

  • ​Overview of eTariff
  • Create Baseline, Filing Level Association and Record Level Association Filings
  • eTariff Features - Filing Status, Automerge, Editing Documents, and Auto-Creating Attachments
  • Entering in Dockets and Orders
  • Using the different Document Generations
  • Using the XML Loader
  • and Reports

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a user name and password for our eTariff.biz website to access the videos.

Here is a quick link to the training video page https://www.etariff.biz/?q=content/etariff-training-videos 

You can also access the training videos at www.etariff.biz website and log in with a user name and password (not the same as your etariff application credentials) and go to the eTariff Training Videos page.

If you do not have a user name/password for etariff.biz website you can request one. If you forgot your password you can reset it. Go to the Home Page on etariff.biz to create or change your password.

Remember you must be logged in to eTariff or you will see a "Insufficient Permission" error.

EQR Videos will be coming soon!!!

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EQR Updated with New Features January 29th

Systrends News Bites - Thu, 01/29/2015 - 15:01

EQR was recently updated with new features and bug fixes.

If you logged into EQR Thursday January 29th you may have noticed a few changes.

These are the features/fixes that were in the latest release

  • NEW FEATURE Filing Validation History – Now there is a tab inside filings called Filing Validation History which will store all validation reports you send to your queue for that filing.  This will allow users to go back and review validation report of errors/warnings at any time.  Make sure you click the validation report button even if you just have warnings to save a copy of the report in the Validation History tab for future reference.  FERC has been known to ask companies to refile due to warnings!!!
  • Browser Issue if using IE10 or 11 - EQR now will automatically change your browser compatibility for you.  For those who had Internet Explorer 10 or higher had to use the developer tools menu manually to change this. It is now done automatically when logged into Systrends EQR.
  • User Role update - There is a new role called Staging Manager. This role allows a user to upload contracts and transactions in staging. Before you had to create a contract manager to load contracts and a transaction manager to load transaction… now you can do both
  • User Role Update 2 - Contract Managers, Transaction Managers, Staging Manager can now only see the staging tab and can only load data in staging.  Each role will also only be able to see their filings in the library.  This means you will no longer see anyone else staging filings listed in the library and will not be able to view them.
  • User Role Update 3 - Reviewer Role is able to open and view all filings including staging. This role cannot edit or upload anything but is used as an executive level role to review data before submission.
  • Validation Report from Merged Filings - There was an issue with the validation report not populating when data was merged from a staging filing. This is now fixed and working properly.
  • Validation Report - The file export name of validation reports used to say “ViewGeneratedXML” and now says “ViewValidationExcelReport”

Some other features and bug fixes we are currently working on are being scheduled for a release before the start of the next quarter filings.  Some of these include:

  • A prompt of “Are you sure you want to leave this page” to appear if you try to leave the validation page before saving your data.  This will reduce the number of those who miss the step of clicking the “save filing” button a second time when you only have warnings.
  • Exchange Broker Validation Warning will not be listed in the warnings if you do not report Index Pricing. This is an annoying warning that comes up for every filing when that field is supposed to be blank if you say No to index pricing.
  • Other improvements include Overwriting functionality improvements, validation improvements,  navigation improvements and more.
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Updated User Roles Coming to EQR

Systrends News Bites - Fri, 01/23/2015 - 11:27
The current user role access is going to be changing slightly next week. So, if any users have any of the roles below there will be some changes. If any of your company users need different access due to the changes please contact Systrends Support eqrsupport@systrends.com    Agent Role - No changes are happening. This role has access to all tabs and can create and submit filings.  They do not have access to Agent Company Library to create companies or User Library to create users. Contact an ITSystemAdmin role to create companies or users (for most companies this will be Systrends support contact)   Administrator Role - is now going to be a new role called Staging Manager. They will have access to Staging Library, Reports, and Help Tab. They will have the ability to load Contracts AND Transactions in Staging ONLY.  They can't create new filings or companies or users...and they will not have access to Agent Tab or Seller Tab.   Contract Manager Role - Will be the same access as Staging Manager but only have the ability to load contracts... If they try to load Transactions an error will occur. They will no longer be able to see the filing tab   Transaction Manager Role - Will be the same access as Contract Manager but only have the ability to load transactions... if they try to load Contracts there should be an error. They will no longer be able to see the filing tab   Reviewer Role - No changes.  This role can review filings and other users staging filings but cannot edit, create or delete anything   Executive Role - No changes.. they only review Reports   All Manager roles that only have access to staging will only be allowed to view and copy forward the staging filings that their user name created (and no one else’s)…   These updated sroles hould be available on your EQR server by Friday January 30th   Keep in mind User Names can only have ONE role access level (not multiple)   If you have any question please contact EQR support or Renee Damaske (renee.damaske@systrends.com) Forums: Systrends News

eTariff Hosted Customer Are Getting an Upgrade to 2008 Servers

Systrends News Bites - Wed, 01/21/2015 - 14:33
If you use eTariff most likely you are a "hosted" customer of Systrends. Those that have eTariff installed locally at their company know who you are :)   Systrends is moving all hosted eTariff servers from Window 2003 version to Windows 2008 version. This is a necessary move as Microsoft will no longer be supporting 2003 as of April 2015. So, over the next few months Systrends will be taking weekends during off peak time to transfer eTariff servers to a 2008 version.
  • Systrends has fully tested the eTariff application on 2008 and do not anticipate any performance issues once servers are moved. (in fact we have noticed some speed improvements)
  • Systrends will fully backup all data, filings and documents before the move so nothing is lost.
  • You will receive the same eTariff version that you are on now, so nothing should appear any different than what you currently have.
  • There will be temporary service interruption when the move is being made but shouldn't last more than a few hours on the day your company is scheduled to be moved.
  • Please Note: that on any particular weekend until April you may have no service to eTariff.
  • Systrends will try to notify the customers on Wednesdays each week who are receiving the update on the weekend, so that they can prepare for service interruption during that time.
  Please contact etariff-support@systrends.com if you have any questions or concernsForums: Systrends News

Filing Change Log Report - Has Minor Issue

Systrends News Bites - Tue, 01/20/2015 - 15:13
If you use the Master Tariff - Filing Change Log Report under the Reports tab in eTariff, be aware that we found a slight issue with the list of filings it is generating in the report.  There is a ticket to fix it and should be in the next release.   This report has the user select a master tariff then a section/record that is in that master tariff (and date range optional - use no date to get a full history) and the report will list all the filings that section was in.  With the exception of one case...   The issue we found with the report:
  1. If the section/record ID is imported into a filing from the Master Tariff – that filing will show up in the report right away (no matter the status of the filing)
  2. If the section/record ID is imported into a filing from another filing that has been automerged; the new filing will show up in the report right away (no matter the status of the filing)
  3. If the section/record ID is imported into a filing from another filing that has NOT been automerged; the new filing is not appearing in the report until it is automerged…. This means some compliance  and amendment of a pending filings may not be showing until after you automerge them if the section was imported from a pending filing that was not automerged yet either

So please be aware of this when using this report until we can push out a fix for it.


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Need to Refile Your EQR?

Systrends News Bites - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 12:01
Seems FERC is finally getting around to informing those who may need to refile one or all of their quarters that they have recently submitted.   One common question that is coming in is how to do refile in Systrends EQR.  Just so you know it is pretty easy.
  • 1. Start by Creating a new filing
  • 2. Type in a title for the filing. It is usually recommended to include the year and quarter and if it is a refile... use the word "replace" in the title  so you can see in your filing library... what quarters you filed and refiled
  • 3. Status of the filing is "Draft" remember the system will update this to "Filed" when you click the "Submit to FERC" link in the queue.
  • 4. Filing type should be "REPLACE". This is the only difference for a refile! Instead of using "new" make sure you set this field to REPLACE. This tells FERC to forget what you filed before and replace it with this current filing.
  • 5. Fill out the quarter, year and agent details and then you are ready to upload your data.
  • 6. NOTE - replace filing negates the other filing for the same year/quarter. So you must upload all your data... not just what you need to add or change from what you field before.... Upload all data for the quarter.
  • 7. Generate the XML and Submit to FERC and you are set!

Contact EQR support if you have any question - eqrsupport@systrends.com 

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When to Associate at the Record Level - And Make it OBE

Systrends News Bites - Wed, 12/10/2014 - 10:14
Compliance Filing Type
If the section is already acted on by FERC and you are filing a compliance filing to either change language or to change an effective date from 9998 to an actual date, you want to associate the record at the record level in order to show the association (in the compliance instance) or to remove the 9998 date (in the effective date instance).   Amendment Filing Type
When you associate a record to a pending record in eTariff in the same docket, you are replacing the pending record with the one you are associating, thus you want the original version to become “moot” or OBE. This means that FERC will not have to act on this section; they will look only at the associated version. A good way to think of this: when you file an amendment type filing (to correct or change a pending filing), you would submit the same redline as you did in the initial filing, but with corrections, so FERC will only rule on the amended version of the record, making the first version moot/OBE, because the first version was incorrect and you do not want FERC to act on it.   Filing Type: 10 New 205 Filing
In this scenario, you would NOT want to associate at the record level because you do not want to replace any version of a section that is still pending at FERC in a different docket. A new type 10 filing means that this is unrelated to other pending changes at FERC. This type of filing is why we have the option in Systrends to pull in a section from a filing (and not the Master Tariff) and NOT use the OBE box. You would use this when a new section was added to the Tariff in a filing and it is not yet merged into the Tariff for access for you to pull into a filing to make changes to. If you associate at the record level in a type 10 filing and file, it will turn the pending version of the record to OBE and not allow FERC to act on it in the other pending proceeding. You do not want to do this.   Please see more details in Systrends News Blog  

By: Sara Gordon, Wright & Talisman, P.C.

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New Process for eTariff Releases Coming in 2015

Systrends News Bites - Tue, 12/09/2014 - 13:46
Systrends is going to have an eTariff release available every quarter starting the 1st quarter of 2015,. This means there will be 4 “versions” of eTariff released per year starting April 1, 2015.    The number schema for the version will be as follows for each quarter:                 2.5.1.xxxx            – to be released on or around Apr 1st                  2.5.2.xxxx            – scheduled release July 1st                  2.5.3.xxxx            – scheduled release Oct 1st                 2.5.4.xxxx            – scheduled release Jan 1st 2016  
  • The first number “2” is the eTariff version. This will only change to a 3 when the development team has made a significant change to eTariff.
  • The second number “5” is the year (2015). So in April 2016 release this will become a “6”.
  • The third number is the quarter for that year
  • There will be an additional 4 digits after the quarter number auto-generated by our system based on patches released in between quarters.
  After the last day of each quarter we will send out a notice about the new release and provide release notes of any enhancements, improvements and bugs that went into the release.    At this point you can review the release notes and see if there are any of the enhancements/fixes etc. that you want and let Systrends know if you would like to receive the update. If you want the release we will update your hosted production site or schedule an install.   You do not have to update each quarter. If you choose to wait until the “next quarter” release you can do so… at any quarter you choose to update your version of eTariff you will receive all the enhancements/improvements and bug fixes from all previous quarters. There is a plan to have release notes in the Help tab of eTariff so you will be able to view previous enhancements from other versions at any time.   This means anything considered an enhancement or improvement will only be available in the quarterly releases, so please keep that in mind if there is something you would like to have “changed” in eTariff. You may have to wait for that enhancement to be available in a quarterly release.   Bugs that prevent a filing from being completed will be treated as emergencies and will be taken care of immediately with a “patch update” to your server if needed.    Please let me know if you have any questions   Thank You   Renee Damaske Customer Support Manager renee.damaske@systrends.com  Forums: Systrends News

eTariffManager 2.4e Release Now Available

Systrends News Bites - Fri, 10/24/2014 - 08:11

October 1, Systrends released eTariff version 2.4e

Visit www.etariff.biz to see the release notes describing the enhancements to the software. (need to have an account on etariff.biz to view - sign up, its free!)

If you are a hosted customer, your eTariff version will be updated in the next few weeks.

If you have eTariff installed locally, please touch base with Customer Support to obtain the updated version.

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Check out Systrends new Websites

Systrends News Bites - Thu, 10/09/2014 - 15:28
Brand new and super cool.... www.systrends.com for all information on EDI, eTariff, and EQR applications www.etariff.biz for information on eTariff releases for eTariffManager, eTariffWeb, eTariffCompliance as well as trainings and demos for eTariff and EQR applications.  Forums: Systrends News

Systrends attends EQR Conference

Systrends News Bites - Wed, 10/01/2014 - 12:59
Systrends attended the EQR conference hosted by Barabara Bourque of Energy Compliance Consulting. It was a great pleasure to learn so much about the EQR process. Thank you Barb for putting on a wonderful event that is so helpful for the new EQR filing process.Forums: Systrends News

New Release of eTariffManager Now Available

Systrends News Bites - Tue, 09/16/2014 - 13:38
The most recent version of eTariff is v2.4c was made available July 1, 2014. The release notes below provide users with an overview of the changes.   To check if you are operating on the latest version; log in to eTariffManager, select Helptab>About, to view the version number of your eTariff. The latest version number is with Database Build: 38. Go to eTariff Download page to get the latest releaseForums: Systrends News

eFileEQR New Release!

Systrends News Bites - Fri, 09/05/2014 - 07:59
EQR had a new release at the end of August. A few improvements include
  • Grid view is now default
  • Overwrite/Append function working properly
  • Updated Help Guide in the Help > Contents Tab
  • Proper FERC filing types available
  • Ability to Manually enter ID data in the tree view - this save time from having to "upload" an extra spreadsheet because the data is already saved in the sytem.
Please contact eqrsupport@systrends.com if you have any questionsForums: Systrends News

Systrends Receives SSAE 16 Type 2 Certification for Operations Center

Systrends News Bites - Wed, 08/27/2014 - 14:13
Systrends, a leading provider of web-based software for the energy and utility markets, announced today the company has completed an SSAE 16 Type 2 audit covering their headquarters location in Tempe, Arizona. Certification of this Systrends facility further validates the resiliency and operational excellence of its security standards and further proves Systrends dedication to the information security of its customers. This independent evaluation demonstrates the effectiveness of its control policies and procedures. Systrends customers can feel confident that suitably designed controls are in operation, and operating effectively. “Systrends previously co-located our production servers and business recovery servers in two sites which were already SSAE 16 compliant. With the accomplishment of this audit, all sites where we have any equipment are now certified. This SSAE 16 accreditation will only further increase customer adoption of our secure billing and CIS, transaction transport, transformation, and data management solutions,” said David Darnell, Chief Executive Officer of Systrends. SSAE 16 is designed to provide Systrends customers with a level of assurance of corporate systems and controls. The Moore Group, CPA, a leader in providing SSAE 16 (SOC 1) and (SOC 2) and SAS 70 audits to small businesses throughout the United States, conducted the SSAE 16 (SOC 2) audit. The report, produced after a thorough independent examination of Systrends internal controls and processes, demonstrates the reliability and security of its operations center. This SSAE 16 report scope focuses on procedures which are likely to be relevant to Systrends customers’ requirements for data security and control. ABOUT SYSTRENDS
Systrends is a utility/energy billing and Customer Information System (CIS), data transaction and distribution software and services company headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Since its inception in 1986, Systrends has been a leader in electronic data interchange (EDI) technology standards, Internet and value-added network (VAN) management, and communications and data security. Systrends has more than 30 years of solid software and information technology expertise and more than 20 years of experience in consulting, development, implementation, and integration. For more information, visit www.systrends.com or call 480-756-6777 x226. Forums: Systrends News

Need More Training on Systrends eTariff or EQR?

Systrends News Bites - Wed, 08/27/2014 - 14:12
Contact Renee Damaske at renee.damaske@systrends.com to schedule a private training, demo or walkthrough of Systrends eTariff or EQR applications. Forums: Systrends News


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