August 11, 2011 Systrends is Offering a Free Demonstration of eFile549

FERC is refining the existing EQR filing requirements and applying the revisions to all market participants who file EQR. The new requirements will include transaction information including date, price and type of rate information. It will also require them to be filed in XML format.   FERC will offer a web service to generate the filing; however, the application will not allow uploads of Excel spreadsheets.   The current format for EQR is based on a spreadsheet layout. The changes to EQR will require many companies to reformat their existing data and absorb a manual input process through the FERC web service.   A similar change was implemented for the natural gas companies’ quarterly reports. Intrastate gas companies filed spreadsheets of data for their quarterly reports. FERC changed the Excel format to PDF/XML, involving a manual input. Systrends worked closely with a gas company to develop software to help create the new 549D PDF form from their current Excel spreadsheet.   The outcome was a success and the company is ready to generate its first quarter filing this September.   eFile549 software for gas companies is the starting point for developing an application that will generate the EQR filings.  An  application used to generate EQR filings will eliminate the manual input process and reformatting of currently stored Excel data as well as ease the burden being proposed by FERC.   Although FERC has not made a final rule on the exact requirements, Systrends already has a head start. If you would like more information on the application Systrends has developed or to see a demonstration of the product, please visit to register for a demonstration.