December 6, 2011 Systrends and Oracle Partnership

In order to open opportunities and build long-term growth, Systrends has become part of Oracle’s Partnership Network (OPN). 

OPN has a variety of services, solutions and resources that will help Systrends develop technology based on Oracle platforms and applications. 

Oracle’s specialization program will allow Systrends to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and gain a competitive edge by spotlighting our strengths and special skills.
Specialized status provides customers with proof that they will be engaged with an insightful, knowledgeable partner who is expert in the defined product or industry area and able to work with them to develop and implement specific solutions.

Oracle’s integration solutions allow Systrends to combine the proven technologies of Oracle-based applications and Systrends custom-built solutions to provide customers exactly what they need.

Currently, Systrends has chosen  to specialize in the following areas:

♦ Data Warehousing
Oracle Embedded Technology
Oracle Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Master Data Management
Oracle Utilities Applications
Utilities Industry

Systrends focus in working with Oracle is based around our EDI solution, T2Enterprise.  We plan to integrate Oracle’s Lodestar application with Systrends T2.