Easily create and manage natural gas form 549D with eFile549.
Systrends eFile549 is a software solution for filing and managing FERC’s 549D PDF form. 549D is a quarterly report, required by FERC, that natural gas companies must eFile to report storage and transportation transactions. eFile549 is an easy-to-use program that converts Excel spreadsheets or XML into FERC’s 549D PDF form. eFile549 automates the process of completing the form according to FERC requirements, eliminating the lengthy process of entering multiple contracts and shipper transactions; the program validates the data to reduce filing errors, generates reports and archives each PDF form.
eFile549 features include:
  • Web-based application
  • Multiple company filing
  • Data validation
  • Data error reporting
  • Filing library
  • Contract and transaction filing summary
  • Filing usage report
  • Archived PDF form
eFile549 is a web-based software, hosted by Systrends, which users log into, in order to create and manage their 549D forms. eFile549 pricing is based on cooperative pricing tiers; the tiers are based on the cumulative contracts of every company using the service. Pricing is determined by the total number of chargeable contracts that flow through the service—the more companies using the service, the lower the cost for all users. If a customer would rather have Systrends generate the filing, that option is also available for a flat contracted rate.
Let eFile549 guide you through the eFiling process.