Make GRC management more effective and efficient with eTariffCompliance.
Systrends eTariffCompliance is a web-based governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management solution that fully incorporates FERC tariffs with your organization’s related corporate governing documents—federal, state, and corporate. The application provides you with the ability to track and administer a change control process for approved and preapproved filings, business practices, and other protocols; it provides the tools to assess and mitigate risk, to evaluate compliance within regulatory requirements, and to add increased visibility and value to your business's compliance model. 
eTariffCompliance lets your subject matter experts assess and manage the impact of proposed changes from proposal to implementation. The system provides notifications to inform individuals or groups, internal or external, who may be impacted by, have ownership of, or have responsibility for a change to a governing document. How can eTariffCompliance help you with your GRC management needs? 
eTariffCompliance integrates your governing documents into a single system to provide your company with improved regulatory practices. Our workflow management feature helps route the approval process to ensure all related documents and departments stay connected. eTariffCompliance contains multiple security levels and access controls, both at the individual and document levels, which allow authorized parties to view and manage their specific responsibilities. The reporting component provides a comprehensive and concise view of related items and the status of proposed changes throughout the approval process.
eTariffCompliance features include:
  • Individual libraries of governing document types
  • Advanced security options
  • Revision request procedure (changes, assessment, and workflow)
  • Advanced notification options
  • Association of related filings and related change requests
  • Workflow management of change requests and approval
  • Impact analysis framework
Let eTariffCompliance guide you through the tariff management process