Easily upload, edit, and manage previously filed XML with eTariffLoader.
Systrends eTariffLoader is a feature in our eTariffManager software that uploads previously submitted XML files, originally generated by another application or downloaded from FERC’s eTariff Viewer. eTariffLoader allows subsequent filings to be created based on a tariff that has already been filed with FERC.
The information required by FERC to submit a subsequent filing includes: company ID, tariff ID, record ID, record parent ID, associated filing ID, titles, descriptions, effective dates, priority order, version, change type, and collation value. These requirements are included as part of the XML loaded into eTariffManager using eTariffLoader.
eTariffLoader features include:
  • XML easily uploaded from eTariff Viewer or third-party software
  • Validation of XML data and schema
  • Verification of duplicate filing ID and tariff ID
  • Incorporated filing properties including title, ID, and filing type
  • Integrated section documents including metadata and outline
  • Attachments included from third-party XML
  • Effective, accepted, suspended, and pending filings from FERC, all included in one upload
Let eTariffLoader guide you through the tariff management process