Easily export, upload, and view tariff documents with eTariffWeb.

Systrends eTariffWeb is an add-on application to our eTariffManager product that provides read-only access to tariffs on your company’s content management system (CMS) or external website. This application offers an intuitive user interface for searching and viewing the current effective language of your public tariffs and filings, and fulfills compliance requirements for publicly listing tariffs on the Internet. eTariffWeb improves your workflow by eliminating the manual process of recreating and uploading entire tariff documents to your CMS or website.

Three components make up eTariffWeb: the first component, the publisher service, pulls tariffs, filings, and related documents from your eTariff database; the second component, the web service, transfers the documents to your company CMS or website; the third component, the viewer, provides the user interface to search, review, and export documents from your company CMS or website.

eTariffWeb features include:
  • Compatibility with any content management system or website
  • Automatic updates of newly filed tariffs
  • Search feature to locate any portion of or phrase in a document
  • Display of properties, content, and relationships between tariffs, filings, and dockets
  • Export feature to download a tariff in PDF or Word format

Let eTariffWeb guide you through the tariff management process