June 10, 2011 - eTariff 1.7.3 Update Patch Release will be Avaliable

With the creation the the XML Loader for eTariff Enterprise, there were issues with Enterprise and the loader displaying the proper  filing and master tariff ID's.  Enterprise was designed to designate ID's to Master Tariffs and  filings automatically and was unsure how to handle existing ID's that come into the system from the XML Loader. The Development team worked many hours to inspect every inch of eTariff that uses filing ID's and Master Tariff ID's in order to fully correct the ID issue.  As it turns out, almost every possible action performed by eTariff, including generating XML's, reports, searches, and email notification reference a filing ID.  After the XML loader application would load an exisiting ID into eTariff, the existing ID was an issue because eTariff would assign it's own ID to the data.  The system didn't know which ID to look for or look at when dealing with tariffs, XML's, reports or anything. Systrends development team was able to get the two applications; etariff and XML Loader, to work together and give a filing and master tariff the ID it was mean to have.  Hours of testing have provided confidence that all areas of ID problems have been addressed, but we always depend on our eTariff users to provide us with information when they come across an issue that may have been overlooked. The eTariff Team would like to thank all the users for their patience with the XML Loader and hope that you enjoy the application and all it has to offer in the growth and expansion of eTariff.