November 15, 2011 Systrends attended Barbara Bourque EQR training conference

Every year Barbara Bourque, from Energy Compliance Consulting (ECC), holds a training conference on EQR.  Systrends had the pleasure of attending to learn more about the EQR process and requirements.  Barbs knowledge of EQR is very impressive.  Systrends found the training to be extremely beneficial. Systrends and ECC have teamed up to develop new software for EQR reporting due to the recent NOPR from FERC issued April 21, 2011.  The proposed changes to EQR include:   ♦ Requiring large non jurisdictional utilities to file EQRs ♦ Remove Time Zone from the Contracts data ♦ Remove DUNS numbers form the Contract and Transactions Data ♦ Standardize the unit for reporting energy and capacity transactions (i.e., $/MWh, $/MW-month) ♦ Add several fields to the Transaction data including transaction date and time that the parties agree upon the price of a transaction ♦ Add the type of rate by which the price was set (fixed, index, RT0/ISO ♦ e-Tag data and ID data including source balancing authority entity code, purchasing/selling entity code, e-Tag code or unique transaction ID, sink balancing authority entity code   At this point neither ECC nor Systrends know the exact requirements and changes that will be implemented by FERC, however both companies are prepared to develop something as quick as possible when the final ruling does come out.