Manage and deliver information from various system sources to any mobile device.
T2App is a data management and distribution tool for mobile devices such as phones or tablets (iPads, Playbooks, Androids, etc.). T2App supplies a set of APIs that use web services to distribute information from your secure systems to various devices. This distribution solution provides transport and management functions that  deliver data to devices within your organization or to external users. T2App manages outgoing data so you can provide it to anyone who needs it, regardless of what tool or device they use to access information.

Developed to provide increased knowledge access to our clients, T2App is a tool for delivering data to various devices; it offers a manageable way to direct the information stream. Systrends T2App is an add-on to our comprehensive T2Enterprise data integration product line and is always used with T2Tran.

Businesses today need to share information simply and quickly. Managing the delivery of data from various sources to a variety of end users is challenging. T2App securely manages the flow of information to any mobile device. Systrends has helped over 200 companies in the energy industry automate, track, and transform their data. How can we help you?

Save time, money, and reduce the potential of manual errors.

T2App features include:
  • Management of the flow of information to mobile devices using APIs
  • Management, storage, and conversion of data for distribution
  • Administration of data from its source to its delivery
  • Transport of data across the Internet
  • Customized scalability for your data management and distribution

T2Enterprise, our premier data integration product, includes T2Map (provides system data integration for complex data streams), T2Com (manages data between trading partners and between internal data solutions), T2Tran (validates, stores, alerts, and reports all transactions), T2CIS (provides complete customer and billing system functionality), and T2App. T2Enterprise is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for any organization that wants to manage, track, store, and distribute its data.

Let T2Enterprise take your organization’s transaction management to the next power