Manage your data in one place to reduce the effort and cost.
T2Com is a business-to-business and system-to-system data communication tool designed for multiple data streams. This gateway solution provides transport and monitoring for your in-house communication and trading partner feeds. T2Com manages your incoming and outgoing data from multiple sources using energy industry and universal market transport standards, such as AS2.

Developed originally as Systrends core product, T2Com has helped market players for over 15 years. Systrends T2Com can be used as a standalone solution or as an add-on to our comprehensive T2Enterprise data integration product line.

Businesses today require solutions that are flexible and allow data communication to be auditable and manageable. T2Com minimizes effort, risk, and the potential for costly errors by standardizing connections. Managing your data with T2Com can prevent the costly consequences of lost data, including fines, delays, damage control, performance gaps, and payment delays. Systrends has helped over 200 companies in the energy industry automate, track, and transform their data. How can we help you?

Save time, money, and reduce the potential of manual errors.
  • Secure transport and communication of data (EDI, XML, proprietary, etc.) within your organization and between you and your trading partners
  • Transport administration via various communication protocols (AS2, NAESB, FTP, etc.)
  • Error tracking management and notification (Functional Acknowledgement generation and reconciliation)
  • Transaction monitoring with acknowledgement tracking and delinquent alerts
  • Customized scalability for your data communication
T2Enterprise, our premier data integration product, includes T2Com (provides system data integration for complex data streams), T2Tran (validates, stores, alerts, and reports all transactions), T2App (provides delivery of data to mobile devices), T2CIS (provides complete customer and billing system functionality), and T2Com. T2Enterprise is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for any organization that wants to manage, track, store, and distribute its data.

Let T2Enterprise take your organization’s transaction management to the next power