Use a transactional database to make auditing, reporting, and redistributing data easier.
T2Tran is a transactional database designed to store, analyze, report, validate, and archive data. This database solution provides controlled business processes and integration functions to standardize data for other uses. T2Tran transforms and stores data from proprietary systems so it can be easily used for reporting or redistribution to other data sources.

Developed as the first module to support T2Com, T2Tran has a proven track record of effectively storing, validating, and reporting data.  Systrends T2Tran is an add-on to our comprehensive T2Enterprise data integration product line and is always used in conjunction with T2Com.

Businesses today need solutions that are flexible and allow data to be shared. Data retrieval and reporting from various system sources can be time consuming and difficult. T2Tran minimizes risk and provides easy access to data, reducing the effort and cost of inaccurate and inefficient data storage and retrieval. Systrends has helped over 200 companies in the energy industry automate, track, and transform their data. How can we help you?

Save time, money, and allow easier access to data.

T2Tran features include:
  • Data storage and warehousing of all historical transaction data
  • Transaction management and validation
  • Business process controls and integration functions
  • Standardized transaction transformation and mapping to a transactional database
  • Transaction translation and acknowledgement generation
  • Standardized and custom reports
  • Customized scalability for your data storage and retrieval

T2Enterprise, our premier data integration product, includes T2Map (provides system data integration for complex data streams), T2Com (manages data between trading partners and between internal data solutions), T2App (provides delivery of data to mobile devices), T2CIS (provides complete customer and billing system functionality), and T2Tran. T2Enterprise is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for any organization that wants to manage, track, store, and distribute its data.

Let T2Enterprise take your organization’s transaction management to the next power