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EQR Filing Submission Made Easy

Create, Manage, File and Update Electric Quarterly Reports.



Systrends eFileEQR files Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR) to FERC in XML format. eFileEQR is an easy-to-use application containing up-to-date EQR filing requirements and is designed for both single filings and multiple users filing for multiple entities.


eFileEQR is able to process over two million lines of data per filing.

Multiple Ways to Create EQR filings

eFileEQR provides multiple ways to populate data

  • Import original excel or CSV files to minimize the burden of reformatting;

  • Copy Forward method provides a quick and easy way to use ID and Contract Data from a previous quarter

  • The staging process allows multiple users to upload and validate their portion of data separately from other users, which are then all pulled together into the filing

eFileEQR -

  • Import or Append Excel or CSV files

  • Copy Forward from previous quarterly filings

  • Merge data from staging

  • Multiple users and entities

  • Validation and business rule checks

  • Color-coded warnings and errors

  • Export data, XML files, and validation reports

  • EQR data submitted directly to FERC

  • Can handle over 2 million lines of data at once

The Future of EQR Reporting  - XBRL??

FERC has held several technical conferences and has indicated they may change the reporting requirements for the EQR submission.

FERC is looking to change from the XML format to XBRL format for EQR submissions.

If and when FERC makes the change Systrends will update our application to generate the XBRL required

xbrl (1).png

Let our Application Help with the EQR filing process

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