Need to Refile Your EQR?

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Need to Refile Your EQR?
Seems FERC is finally getting around to informing those who may need to refile one or all of their quarters that they have recently submitted.
One common question that is coming in is how to do refile in Systrends EQR.  Just so you know it is pretty easy.
  • 1. Start by Creating a new filing
  • 2. Type in a title for the filing. It is usually recommended to include the year and quarter and if it is a refile... use the word "replace" in the title  so you can see in your filing library... what quarters you filed and refiled
  • 3. Status of the filing is "Draft" remember the system will update this to "Filed" when you click the "Submit to FERC" link in the queue.
  • 4. Filing type should be "REPLACE". This is the only difference for a refile! Instead of using "new" make sure you set this field to REPLACE. This tells FERC to forget what you filed before and replace it with this current filing.
  • 5. Fill out the quarter, year and agent details and then you are ready to upload your data.
  • 6. NOTE - replace filing negates the other filing for the same year/quarter. So you must upload all your data... not just what you need to add or change from what you field before.... Upload all data for the quarter.
  • 7. Generate the XML and Submit to FERC and you are set!

Contact EQR support if you have any question -