eTariff Hosted Customer Are Getting an Upgrade to 2008 Servers

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eTariff Hosted Customer Are Getting an Upgrade to 2008 Servers
If you use eTariff most likely you are a "hosted" customer of Systrends. Those that have eTariff installed locally at their company know who you are :)   Systrends is moving all hosted eTariff servers from Window 2003 version to Windows 2008 version. This is a necessary move as Microsoft will no longer be supporting 2003 as of April 2015. So, over the next few months Systrends will be taking weekends during off peak time to transfer eTariff servers to a 2008 version.
  • Systrends has fully tested the eTariff application on 2008 and do not anticipate any performance issues once servers are moved. (in fact we have noticed some speed improvements)
  • Systrends will fully backup all data, filings and documents before the move so nothing is lost.
  • You will receive the same eTariff version that you are on now, so nothing should appear any different than what you currently have.
  • There will be temporary service interruption when the move is being made but shouldn't last more than a few hours on the day your company is scheduled to be moved.
  • Please Note: that on any particular weekend until April you may have no service to eTariff.
  • Systrends will try to notify the customers on Wednesdays each week who are receiving the update on the weekend, so that they can prepare for service interruption during that time.
  Please contact if you have any questions or concerns