EQR Updated with New Features January 29th

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EQR Updated with New Features January 29th

EQR was recently updated with new features and bug fixes.

If you logged into EQR Thursday January 29th you may have noticed a few changes.

These are the features/fixes that were in the latest release

  • NEW FEATURE Filing Validation History – Now there is a tab inside filings called Filing Validation History which will store all validation reports you send to your queue for that filing.  This will allow users to go back and review validation report of errors/warnings at any time.  Make sure you click the validation report button even if you just have warnings to save a copy of the report in the Validation History tab for future reference.  FERC has been known to ask companies to refile due to warnings!!!
  • Browser Issue if using IE10 or 11 - EQR now will automatically change your browser compatibility for you.  For those who had Internet Explorer 10 or higher had to use the developer tools menu manually to change this. It is now done automatically when logged into Systrends EQR.
  • User Role update - There is a new role called Staging Manager. This role allows a user to upload contracts and transactions in staging. Before you had to create a contract manager to load contracts and a transaction manager to load transaction… now you can do both
  • User Role Update 2 - Contract Managers, Transaction Managers, Staging Manager can now only see the staging tab and can only load data in staging.  Each role will also only be able to see their filings in the library.  This means you will no longer see anyone else staging filings listed in the library and will not be able to view them.
  • User Role Update 3 - Reviewer Role is able to open and view all filings including staging. This role cannot edit or upload anything but is used as an executive level role to review data before submission.
  • Validation Report from Merged Filings - There was an issue with the validation report not populating when data was merged from a staging filing. This is now fixed and working properly.
  • Validation Report - The file export name of validation reports used to say “ViewGeneratedXML” and now says “ViewValidationExcelReport”

Some other features and bug fixes we are currently working on are being scheduled for a release before the start of the next quarter filings.  Some of these include:

  • A prompt of “Are you sure you want to leave this page” to appear if you try to leave the validation page before saving your data.  This will reduce the number of those who miss the step of clicking the “save filing” button a second time when you only have warnings.
  • Exchange Broker Validation Warning will not be listed in the warnings if you do not report Index Pricing. This is an annoying warning that comes up for every filing when that field is supposed to be blank if you say No to index pricing.
  • Other improvements include Overwriting functionality improvements, validation improvements,  navigation improvements and more.