A New Version of eTariffManager is Now Available!!

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A New Version of eTariffManager is Now Available!!

Version 2.5.1 with Database Build 39 is now available.

The Release includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Section Enhancement - Added "Export Sections" feature (this will export all sections in a filing)
  • Admin Tab - ​fix to User Roles and Email Notification templates
  • Document Generation - Fix to Master Tariff Plus Filed template
  • Help Tab - Now has all current and past eTariff Release Notes
  • Dockets and Orders functionality improvements
  • FERC Sandbox Button- now able to change email for submission
  • Filing Enhancements
    • Display Order Date in a filing
    • Indicate whether a section was imported using OBE
    • Addition of a Search Filings Link
    • Scroll bar for filing library
    • Validation check for OLE objects in a document
  • Report Enhancements and Fixes
    • Fixed Master Tariff Filings Change Log bug
    • Improvements to the Order Summary Report 
    • NEW CEII Report - finds all filings that have CEII attachments

For a complete list of all fixes and enhancements go to www.etariff.biz Release Notes page (must be logged in to view the release notes).

If you do not have a user name/password for etariff.biz website you can request one. If you forgot your password you can reset it; just go to the "User Log In" box at the bottom right corner of the Home Page.

All hosted customers will be updated to the new release automatically. You can check to see if your eTariff has been updated by going to the Help Tab and choose About. You can also view a full copy of the release notes under the Help tab and select Release Notes.

For those who have eTariff installed locally, you can download the install file from the eTariff software download page (must be logged in to view)

Enjoy your new eTariff version