EQR Filing Overview

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EQR Filing Overview
Q1 2015 EQR filing deadline is right around the corner. And for most, it may have been a few months since you last used Systrends EQR software. Here is a quick overview of how to set up a filing.
1. Log into eFileEQR
2. Select the company from dropdown menu
3. Go the Filing Tab and select "Create New Filing"
4. Enter in Filing Details
a. Filing Title (usually includes quarter and year that you are filing)
b. Keep Status at Draft
c. Filing type is New if this is the first time filing for the quarter; Replace if it is not the first time
d. Select the Year for the filing data
e. Select the Quarter for the filing data
f. Filing agent details will be saved and can be selected from the Contact Person dropdown
g. If you are a new filing agent then type in the contact information exactly how you are registered with FERC
5. Click Save
6. The system will take you back to the filing library where you will open the filing you just created by clicking on the title
7. For Import Data method - select Import Button 
8. Select the File type that you are loading (Excel, CSV or Zip) and browse/Select Files and choose the file that you need to load.
9. Click "Load EQR Data" Button
10. Select Filing Modification Options for the data that you are loading
a. Select New/Overwrite if this is the first set of data that is being loaded
b. Select Append if this is an additional set of data to what is already loaded
11. Click Save Filing button
12. A validation of the data will run. When it is finished the system will indicate if you have any warnings and/or errors in the data
a. If you have any errors: Click "Export Validation Report" and open the document when completed in the queue. Correct any errors highlighted in red and Repeat step 7-11. All validation reports are now saved in the "Filing Validation History" tab but you must click export validation report button in order for it to save in the history
b. If you have ONLY warnings:  You can still Export a validation report to save a copy of the warnings for future reference BUT most importantly you need to click the SAVE FILING button again to save the data with the warnings
13. Repeat Step 7 - 12 until ID Data, Contract Data, and Transaction Data files are all loaded. (if all the data is on one excel then you do not need to repeat)
14. Go to the FERC Submission Tab
15. Click Generate XML
16. When XML is complete, the the Submit to FERC link will appear. Click it and enter in FERC credentials and Submit.
If you used copy forward method to load ID data and contracts or the Ready to Link method to pull over data from stagging and need help then please contact Renee.
Good Luck with Q1 2015 filings
Renee Damaske