June, 10, 2016 - Systrends Now Offers Cyber Security Audits

How a Systrends Cyber Security audit can benefit your organization

A Systrends Cyber Security audit can provide a systems security baseline.  The baseline (i.e., your current cyber security status) serves as the starting point for developing your cyber security strategy and for compliance with FERC CIP standards.

A comprehensive Systrends Cyber Security audit will help your organization answer the following questions:

What is the security risk category of the systems that make up your infrastructure—High, Medium, or Low?
What are the current security controls for these systems?
Who are the people managing and operating these systems?
Who uses these systems (internal, external) and how do they use them? What information access does each group/subgroup have?
Are your system controls documented? Are your controls and procedures current and able to be understood and implemented?
A comprehensive Systrends Cyber Security audit will:

Ensure your compliance with the FERC CIP standards.
Take the cyber security evaluation and audit burden off your staff and internal security personnel.
Manage the project and make sure all systems and people are identified and evaluated.
Document, update, and organize your cyber security policy and procedures.
Train your designated staff to keep your cyber security controls and policies current.
Protect your organization and infrastructure from cyber threats and confirm that the right physical, administrative, and technological security controls are in place.