New EQR Validation Process!

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New EQR Validation Process!

Now User can choose between two options to validate and save the Data in eFileEQR.

1. Online Data Process

2. Background Data Process

User Can Select the checkbox for any one process through which they want to validate and save the data.

Online Data process:

This process is the same as it has been where it will validate and show warnings on the screen and users need to export the validation report.


  • Upload the document (Import File Type and Select Files to upload)
  • Click on Load EQR Data
  • Select appropriate Data Update Options (Overwrite/Save)
  • Click on Validate and Save.
  • Validations errors will display if warnings and/or Errors exist in the data.
  • If there are no Validation Errors (Errors/Warnings), the data would be directly saved)
  • And with no errors and allowed warnings user can again click on Validate and Save or Save button to save the data.


Background Data Process

This process is implemented to save user time to load the data on to the grid and wait until the validation process completes on the screen and again wait for it to save.  This process is now moved into Queue Process which will process in the background and allow user to work on something else while the file validates and saves

User has to select Backend Data Process if he wishes to process the uploaded document in Queue.


  • Upload the document (Import File Type and select file to upload)
  • Select appropriate Data Update Options. (Overwrite/Append)
  • Select “Backend Data process”
  • Select “Allow Warning” if user wishes to save the data if only warnings occur in the data. Errors will not save but validation report will generate to show where errors occur.
  • Do not Select Allow warnings if user wants to run a validation only. Reupload of data will be required if not selected. By not selecting "allow warnings' it only produces a validation report and no save.
  • Click Add Validation to Queue.
  • An alert shows up that the process has been added to queue.


  • User can just run validations by not selecting “Allow Warnings” and can download the validation document from queue after the process is completed.
  • If User wants to save the data with warnings and no Errors, you can select the “Allow Warnings” which will still generate validation document in the queue, but saves the data also if there are only warnings.
  • Opening queue automatically (Showing up queue items once the validation item is added to queue) sometimes taking few seconds of waiting time.
  • User should not try to import or edit data on the filings which has current process running on the queue with the background process. We have implemented to deactivate Import and Ready to link buttons in Filing Import and Staging, but still needs to implement in the Ready to link module (We are showing an alert while the process is added to queue). 
  • When the last status column on the queue shows “Validation Errors”, that means the validation report is generated, but data is not saved.
  • When the last status column on the queue shows “complete”, that means the validation report is generated and data is also saved.



The same process also implemented in Staging Filing and Ready to link.

Ready to Link:

Staging Filing: