New Begin/End Date Validation in EQR

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New Begin/End Date Validation in EQR

To All EQR User:

FERC is apparently now allowing the same begin and end date for transactions less than 1 minute (since there are no seconds listed in the time column the number in the columns looks the same).

This means that your data can have a begin date of 090120181200 and an end date of the same exact number 090120181200

This is going to make it difficult to see if this is an error or a transaction less than 1 minute.

I am warning all users of this because while we have changed the software to allow the same begin/end dates (because I know of one customer that needs it), there is NO WARNING for it in the software right now. Adding the warning is going to take some time and won’t be completed until after this quarter.

Please check your dates carefully to make sure that all the transactions that are greater than 1 min have the correct end time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Renee Feeney​

Customer Support Manager

Systrends USA