FERC eRegistration Re-Certification

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FERC eRegistration Re-Certification

The Commission will initiate an annual recertification of all eRegistered user email addresses. eRegistered user accounts whose email addresses cannot be validated will be deactivated.  Deactivated user accounts will not be able to transact business with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission without reactivating their account including submitting filings in a docket or receiving notices/updates from any docketed matter   Information on the eRegistration recertification process is available at http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/eregistration.asp.

So if your company has recently changed domains and your email is different than what might be registered with FERC please update your email with them... If it is not updated, submitting Tariff or EQR filings will not happen

Be sure to check all Managers listed for each company registration along with Filing Agents