Systrends Support Procedure

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Systrends Support Procedure
Systrends SUPPORT Procedure:
Please follow this procedure if you need assistance from Systrends support:
1. Under the Help Tab in eTariff, EQR or T2, select “Submit Help Ticket”.  Fill out your email, summary and description of issue and select Product (eTariff, EQR, T2) to tell us what application is having the issue, then select “create”
2. If step 1 is not sufficient, please send an email describing the problem/issue to 
3. If Help Ticket (step 1) or email response (step 2) appears not to be enough for severity of the issue (in an emergency) please call 1-(888) 933-3582 (step 3)
NOTE: A call with a voice mail left at this number will initiate emails to several contacts in Systrends
Please do not leave emergency messages on the voice mail at our home office (1-480-756-6777) … if we are traveling the message may not be answered quickly. Please make sure you have created a help ticket (step 1), sent an email to support (step 2) and left a voice mail on 1-(888) 933-3582  (step 3)