eTariff Version 3.0.1 will be Released Soon

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eTariff Version 3.0.1 will be Released Soon

Most everyone has received the 3.0.0 version in some way (either production or Sandbox). Systrends will be coming out with a small 3.0.1 release this week. 

The release notes for the items that were added, fixed or enhanced will be in the help tab of the under release notes. You can review and test the items after the version is updated on your server.

To check and see what version your application is currently running, go to the Help Tab and click About to see what version you are running. The current version is 3.0.0 and the new one will be 3.0.1

One of the biggest changes is that filenames that are loaded will now go into the XML rather than the unique, unidentifiable name that the application used to change it to. So please make sure to use file names that you do not mind are shown in FERC eLibrary.

If you have any questions - Contact