New eTariff Validation effective May 18th, 2020

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New eTariff Validation effective May 18th, 2020
Take notice that, effective May 18, 2020, FERC will be implementing an updated validation error code 
The new error code 176 will check to ensure that filings using the “Normal” or “Amendment” Type of Filing Codes contain at least one actual tariff record that must be set to a change type other than Pro Forma. 
If all the records/sections in the filing (codes listed below) are change type "pro forma" then you will receive the validation error 
For multiple records/sections in the filing you can have pro forma in these filing codes but at least one section must be set to another change type (new, change, cancel, etc.)
The filings codes that are effected are:
For Program Code E (TCS companies) – Filing codes 
  • (normal) 10, 20, 260, 280, 320, 340
  • (amendment) 130, 180
For Program Code M (MBR companies) – Filing codes 
  • (normal) 30, 60, 270
  • (amendment) 120, 170, 
For Program Code G (NGA Gas) – Filing codes 
  • (normal) 570, 630, 640, 650, 660, 680, 690, 750
  • (amendment) 600 
For Program Code K (NGPA Gas) – Filing codes 
  • (normal) 760, 1260, 1300, 1310, 1370
  • (amendment) 1270, 1350
For Program Code O (Oil companies) – Filing codes 
  • (normal) 830, 860, 870, 890, 920, 930, 960, 1070, 1250
  • (amendment) 1230
For Program Code F (Power Administrations) -  Filing codes 
  • (normal) 1220
The Commission’s eTariff system will reject filings violating this error code.
So, Filings containing exclusively Pro Forma tariff records will receive the following rejection error in the validation email.
---Error List
Failed Code 176: The filing category chosen requires the filing of at least one
actual (non-pro forma) tariff record.
Please note:
If you have ONE tariff record in one of those filing codes above and it is set to pro forma change type, you will get the validation error (rejection).

But, if you have multiple records in the filing, than 1 or more can be set to pro forma but you must have one set to new, change, cancel or withdraw and you will not get the validation error.
If you have any questions you can contact me ( or Michael Goldenberg from FERC (