eTariff Filing Tip: Original Filenames are going to FERC

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eTariff Filing Tip: Original Filenames are going to FERC
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There has been a change with eTariff 3.0 regarding filenames of attachments (and sections).

In version 2.0, the eTariff software would change the filenames of attachments (and sections) to a unique name, which was placed in the XML and sent to FERC.

Which meant the "unique filename" would appear in the FERC elibrary like this:

Now that version 3.0 will show the file name that you load it will look like this:

This means you should watch for 2 things when it comes to file names:

  1. You should make sure the filename is how you want it to be seen on FERC eLibrary
  2. Filename length limit (per FERC rules) is 60 characters!

If your file name is longer than 60 characters INCLUDING the format extension (.pdf, .docx, etc.) the software is going to cut off the beginning of the filename until it only has 60 characters total.

If you want to verify how the filenames will appear on FERC, just look at the filenames you load in the Attachments Tab.

The Attachment tab shows the filename at the 60 character limit which is how they will appear in the XML and FERC.

So if you see part of your filename is cut off you will need to shorten (or abbreviate) some words in the middle or end of the filename (before the format extension)

This is an example where the Testimony Attachment  is cut off at the beginning and not showing the company name "Garden" like the other files.

By removing the word "Prepared" in the filename for the Testimony attachment, it will have the company name "Garden" show before the word Wind as expected.