Systrends eTariff Submit To Sandbox Tips

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Systrends eTariff Submit To Sandbox Tips

There are a couple things that users should be aware of when it comes to submitting to the FERC Sandbox from eTariffManager.

1. You can submit to the Sandbox before generating an "actual" XML. Clicking the Submit to FERC Sandbox will generate a temporary XML in the backend, based on what is in the filing at the time of clicking the button.

2. If you get a validation error from the sandbox, you can correct your filing and resubmit. (Same goes for actual filings). You can submit the same filing ID to FERC if you received a Validation Rejection

3. PRIVILEGED and CEII documents are not put into XMLs that are sent to the Sandbox. This is for security purposes because the sandbox is an open port and the file can sit in the public folder on FERCs end for several minutes or hours before being picked up. You do not want public having access to them.

4. Because privileged documents are not sent through the sandbox, it will not validate the rule regarding: For every "Attachment Reference" that is marked Privileged (or CEII) there must be a corresponding Public version of the "Attachment Reference"  - So please be aware of that.

5. It was discovered that the software is not enforcing the FERC size limit of 50MB per XML zip file when generating the Sandbox XML, but does enforce it when generating the actual XML. So you may have an XML larger than 50MB go through Sandbox, but not get generated in the queue.