To make a statutory filing in circumstances where the filer has no need to change the text of the tariff record, the filer must make the filing through eTariff and include at least one actual tariff record (i.e., a “live” tariff record, not a pro forma tariff record) with a proposed effective date. The actual tariff record should be an exact duplicate of an existing tariff record, but with a proposed effective date that would be the proposed effective date for the new filing.

While the filer can choose a duplicate of any existing tariff record to make such a filing (i.e., Tariff Title, Table of Contents), staff recommends that the filer include a duplicate of a tariff record to which the filing most closely relates. For example, if the filing is to obtain approval for costs to be added to a
formula rate, the filer would file a duplicate of its current formula rate tariff record.

Filing a duplicate of a related existing tariff record will allow the Commission and the public to discern how the filing relates to the tariff on file. If the new filing becomes effective by operation of law or Commission acceptance, the duplicate eTariff record will become the new effective version of that record, superseding the identical tariff record without changing the contents of that record.

Below are the step-by-step procedures to have a tariff filing considered to be
subject to a statutory action date.

1. The filer must choose a Type of Filing Code (TOFC) within the “Normal”
Filing Category.12 Specifically, the filer must choose a TOFC appropriate for
the FERC Program (e.g., electric, market-based electric, NGA, or oil) at issue.
The Type of Filing Codes for Normal filings include Electric Utilities - TOFC
10; Market-Based Rate Filers - TOFC 30; Natural Gas Pipelines - TOFC 570;
and Oil Pipelines - TOFC 830.

2. Filers with multiple tariff databases should file the duplicate record in the
Tariff ID to which the filing relates.

3. The filer must include at least one duplicate of an actual (live) tariff record (not
a pro forma tariff record) and specify a proposed effective date.