New EQR Validation Q2 2020

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New EQR Validation Q2 2020

FERC has recently updated their validation rules for EQR.  The updated validation rule deal with ID data.  This means these validations cannot be validated by Systrends EQR software before submitting to FERC because the application has no way of knowing who are registered filing agents or account managers inside FERCs eRegistration system. This is something that is checked after you submit the XML to FERC.

Now you will need to make sure that all the contacts listed (FA1 and FS1) are registered with FERC as filing agents or account managers for the company you are submitting the filing.

Currently only the FA1 Data - person submitting the filing, is the contact that had to be a listed as the filing agent or account manager with the company – now both need to be.

This means the FS1 contact – (the ID Data row in your excel spreadsheet - or what you copy forward into the filing) needs to be is a registered agent or account manager for the seller company. If that person’s contact information is not assigned as an agent or manager with the company under the company registration you will get a rejection.

Please check the FS1 data in your excel file and make sure the contact is set as a filing agent or account manager for the company on FERC Company eRegistration

(they must be assigned as an agent or manager for each company its used with, and not just eRegistered with FERC).

Also make sure the information in their registration is the same between what is in your data as they are registered with FERC to avoid any undo rejections.

If the FS1 contact needs to be updated to an agent or manager, and they receive any type of verification email from FERC, be sure they verify the change by clicking any link in FERCs email as necessary.

If you re unsure if the FS contact is an agent or manager,  than it is best to list FA contact information in there until the FS contact assignment is straightened out. (obviously not the best solution but a good work around to get filings submitted for Q2)