Data Transaction Solutions

T2Enterprise is a complete application suite for your data integration needs. See Data Solutions

FERC Filing Solutions

eTariffManager generates XML for creating and filing tariffs with FERC. See FERC Filing Solutions

Mobile Development

Systrends mobile development provides delivery of data to mobile devices. See Mobile Development


Systrends is a data transaction and distribution software company that provides a full range of solutions in the data management and customer information system industry. We specialize in web-based software for the energy and retail markets and continue to lead the industry in electronic data interchange standards development.


Systrends experience and expertise is unique in the data management industry. Our early involvement in electronic data interchange (EDI) and XML projects, leadership in standards design, and time spent on data working groups has enriched our knowledgebase over the last 20+ years.

The North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) offers certification of software products and solutions to demonstrate compliance with a particular set and version of NAESB standards.  Systrends Transaction Transporter software is certified with NAESB.  Click here for more information on eTariff Enterprise recognition or Transaction Transporter certification from NAESB.