Data Transaction Solutions

T2Enterprise is a complete application suite for your data integration needs. See Data Solutions

CIS Application

T2CIS is designed to provide all aspects of complex billing and data management . See T2CIS

FERC Filing Solutions

eTariffManager generates XML for creating and filing tariffs with FERC. See FERC Filing Solutions

Data Transaction and Customer Information Solutions

The core building block of Systrends data exchange solution package is our T² software including T²CIS application designed to provide all aspects of complex billing and data management. It offers bill-ready, rate-ready, and supplier-consolidating billing; summary and dual billing options; and customized billing solutions. 

FERC Filing Solutions

Systrends developed eTariffManager to meet the FERC requirements. Since the development of eTariffManager, Systrends has continued improvements with eTariff management, viewing, and storage processes with various product solutions designed to work with the eTariff software.

Hosting Solutions & Cloud Services

Systrends Service bureau offers an outsourcing solution for transaction processing and management. The Service bureau provides many-to-many translation and transport options, and modular solutions based on each client's requirements and those of their trading partners. The Service bureau can include clearinghouse services such as store-and-forward, mail-boxing and delivery; or can connect directly to trading partners, point-to-point.

The North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) offers certification of software products and solutions to demonstrate compliance with a particular set and version of NAESB standards.  Systrends Transaction Transporter software is certified with NAESB.  Click here for more information on eTariff Enterprise recognition or Transaction Transporter certification from NAESB.