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Comprehensive FERC tariff management software

Manage your company tariffs, service agreements, and rate schedules with the industry’s most feature-rich and user-friendly solution

FERC Compliant

Flexible Reporting

Seamless Collaboration

Energy Utility
Generate and track tariff filings in compliance with FERC Order 714

The Commission requires any entity with market-based rate authority—including public utilities, natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines, and power administrations—maintain an updated tariff. FERC Order 714, effective April 2010, required all tariffs, tariff revisions, and rate change applications be filed electronically according to a set of standards developed in conjunction with the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB). Tariffs are filed with the Commission at the time the filing entity proposes a change in service or rate, or as required by a regulation or order.

Systrends' eTariffManager is the most feature-rich and user-friendly solution in the industry

FERC Compliant

Integrated validation rules automatically audit filing data to ensure mistake-free filings and compliance with FERC's latest regulatory requirements.

Document Processing

Convert clean or redlined Microsoft Word files to generate the RTF, PDF, and plain text formats, and autogenerate clean and redlined PDF attachments.


Distribute workflows across multiple users, edit multiple tariff records simultaneously, and manage tariffs for multiple FERC-regulated entities.


Clone a previous filing for commonly filed tariff records to eliminate redundant workflows.

Sandbox Submission

Directly submit filings on a preliminary basis to FERC’s Sandbox to guarantee compliance before submission.


Automatically merge tariff records to the tariff based on the most recent effective date and priority order.

Flexible Publishing

Export all or select tariff records to review a past, present, or future tariff, and format with headers, footers, and table of contents in a single document or multiple documents.

Filing Cabinet

Store related materials including FERC communications on Dockets and Orders.


Review and export detailed reports about Tariffs, Filings, Dockets, and Orders.

eTariff Viewer

Complementing the core application, our add-on Viewer displays company tariffs and filings on your corporate website and OASIS, allowing market participants to view and search your tariffs, filings, dockets, and orders in a single place.

XML Loader

Import filing history with XMLs from the FERC eViewer or prior service providers to generate future filings in a streamlined fashion

Integrated Support

Embedded tool tips and video tutorials empower users to perform filing functions efficiently and effectively

Our tools and team promote long-term customer success

Why Systrends?

Market Leader in FERC Reporting

With 25+ years in the industry, we are the only software provider that offers a comprehensive suite of FERC filing solutions for electric, gas, oil, and service companies

Flexible Filing Solution

Prepare and submit filings independently with our software or send your prepared documents to our subject-matter experts for a full-service offering

Dedicated Support

Our subject-matter experts offer training at onboarding, stay current on the latest regulatory changes, and provide responsive support throughout the customer journey

Robust Security Controls

Enterprise security controls, Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), role-based permissions, and a detailed audit trail protect the filing environment

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Lean on Systrends to navigate the tariff management process

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