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Exchange data reliably and securely with trading partners

Comprehensive, configurable, and secure EDI services for suppliers, utilities, and brokers of all sizes in deregulated energy markets

Modular and Comprehensive

Reliable & Secure

Scalable and Configurable

Utility Pole

Systrends' modular and scalable T  Enterprise suite streamlines transaction management


T   Com


Manages data communication between trading partners and internal systems
  • Standardized data transport and communication (EDI, XML, ebXML, XBRL, etc.)

  • Transport administration via secure communication protocols (ASx, NAESB, FTP, etc.)

  • Error tracking management and notification

  • Seamless market integration and smart grid data exchange

T   Tran


Validates, stores, alerts, and reports all transactions
  • Transaction monitoring, acknowledgement tracking, reconciliation, and delinquency alerts

  • Data storage and warehousing of all historical data in SQL databases

  • Transaction transformation and mapping to a transactional database

  • Any-to-Any mapping (EDI, XML, ebXML, XBRL, Flat files, Database)

T   Billing


Complete customer billing solution
  • Bill-ready, rate-ready, and supplier-consolidated billing with summary and dual billing options

  • Cost effective transaction automation and integration

  • Online audit trails secure the transmission of all transactions

  • Automatic transaction routing based on approvals

Our process is built to ensure long-term customer success

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to manage data exchange within and between energy companies. Our coordinated, expert team will work side-by-side with yours to deliver reliable services and support along your journey.



Hop on a call with a few of our team members to talk through your pain points and discover how our tailored solutions can help.



Once you’re ready to partner with Systrends, we’ll design, deploy, test, train, and go-live to make sure everything works seamlessly.


Evergreen Support

Our dedicated team of experts will provide ongoing maintenance and responsive technical support as your market and needs evolve.

Discover our all-in-one data exchange and billing solution

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