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Systrends connects your teams and systems to essential partners

Our software streamlines processes, connects data and teams, and ensures consistency, transforming the way energy companies manage and report data

By the numbers


Years in Energy

Since our founding in 1987, Systrends has developed enterprise software specifically for the North American energy market for over a quarter of a century



We serve over 200 grid operators, utilities, pipelines, service providers, and law firms across North America representing over 1,500 filing entities.



Systrends has supported half of our customers for over a decade and nearly all return to our solutions and services year-over-year

How we got here

Origins rooted in secure data exchange

Systrends was founded in 1987 to consult on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology across industries. Through the 1990s, the energy industry deregulated and many jurisdictions mandated electronic data exchange (EDI, XML, etc.) as a standardized communication protocol, focusing Systrends exclusively on enterprise software for energy companies. In 2001, Systrends contracted with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to develop what became our comprehensive EDI solution, Transaction Transporter (T  ).


Organic expansion into FERC reporting

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s responsibilities scaled alongside increasing complexity from various state deregulation schemes and, in 2006, FERC and NERC ordered the first set of mandatory reliability standards. Systrends served on the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) committee to develop the eTariff standard for FERC in 2007 before partnering with four of the six FERC-regulated Independent System Operators (ISOs) to develop and launch our first electronic FERC filing software, eTariffManager, in 2010. We then expanded our FERC filing offerings in 2013 with eFileEQR, software designed to prepare and submit FERC’s Electric Quarterly Reports. More recently in 2021, Systrends developed and launched eMBRData to manage MBR data in FERC’s relational database and eFINForms to prepare and file annual and quarterly FERC financial forms electronically.

We are proud to partner with leading industry organizations
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB)
Edison Electric Institute (EEI)
Liquid Energy Pipeline Association (LEPA)

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