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Securely submit MBR data to FERC's relational database

Manage market-based rate (Order 860) data in FERC's relational database with an intuitive application featuring advanced workflow automation

FERC Compliant

Workflow Automation

Seamless Collaboration

Power Plant
Compile, validate, and submit XML-formatted MBR data in compliance with FERC Order 860

All entities authorized by the Commission to sell electric energy, capacity, and/or ancillary services at market-based rates are required to file MBRs to demonstrate that they and their affiliates lack or have adequately mitigated horizontal and vertical market power. FERC Order 860, effective February 2021, requires regulated entities to submit market, asset, and ownership information to a publicly available relational database. MBR sellers must update the database on a monthly basis to reflect any changes, submit Change-in-Status filings quarterly, fulfill triennial obligations, and submit an asset appendix based on capacity triggers.

Systrends' eMBRData software offers industry-leading workflow automation

FERC Compliant

Integrated validation rules automatically audit filing data to ensure mistake-free filings and compliance with FERC's latest regulatory requirements

Auto Population

Automatically populate FERC reference IDs and import previously submitted data, streamlining the user’s workflow for MBR relational database updates.

Flexible Data Import/Export

Import bulk data from a proprietary template and export Microsoft Excel of all filing data. Search, sort, view, and export submitted data via a direct connection to FERC.


Distribute workflows across multiple users and manage MBR database submissions for multiple FERC-regulated entities.


Clone a previous filing to eliminate redundant workflows when multiple entities need to report the same update.

Direct Submission

Secure connection to FERC relational database empowers user to submit the XML file to FERC, then automatically tracks the filing status through approval.

Why Systrends?

Market Leader in FERC Reporting

With 25+ years in the industry, we are the only software provider that offers a comprehensive suite of FERC filing solutions for electric, gas, oil, and service companies

Flexible Filing Solution

Prepare and submit filings independently with our software or send your prepared documents to our subject-matter experts for a full-service offering

Dedicated Support

Our subject-matter experts offer training at onboarding, stay current on the latest regulatory changes, and provide responsive support throughout the customer journey

Robust Security Controls

Enterprise security controls, Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), role-based permissions, and a detailed audit trail protect the filing environment

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Count on Systrends to manage your MBR data

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