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Populate, Validate and File FERC Forms in XBRL Format

Create Form 1, 1F, 2, 2A, 3Q (gas and electric), Form 6, 6Q, 60 and 714



Systrends eFINForms creates, manages, and submits FERC  financial Forms ( 1, 1F, 2, 2A, 3Q, 6, 6Q, 60, and 714) - generates the XBRL file under FERC's new requirement in Order 859 and allows users to submit directly to FERC.

No Taxonomy or XBRL experience is required to work in our application. The software will do it all for you.

Similar Look - New Format

eFINForms maintains the look and feel of the former FOX PRO application helping streamline the transition to the new XBRL requirement


eFINForms Features

  • Populates data from previous quarter filings

  • Calculates column totals automatically

  • Allows users to upload footnotes with ease

  • Validation and business checks

  • User-defined roles and access

  • Multi-level Approval process

  • Import/Export excel templates and data

  • Securely submits directly to FERC

eFINForms - XBRL

eFINForms application will auto-tag to the FERC taxonomy, generate the XBRL file and submit it directly to FERC. The Excel and Word upload functions help load your data and create footnotes with ease. The roll-forward process will populate previous years' data. Auto-calculations, and approval process, streamline the Form generation for multiple users

xbrl (1).png

Let eFINForms guide you through the XBRL filing process

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