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eTariffManager Newest Add-On Application is Now Available

Systrends Product Update | eTariffManager

Systrends first revolutionized the Tariff filing industry with eTariffManager, but now they have taken it one step further with the newest eTariff module, eTariffViewer. The eTariffViewer application enables energy market participants to meet compliance of listing tariffs on a website.

The three components of eTariffViewer contain the publisher, viewer, and web service application placed inside a website to upload, view, and download tariff documents. eTariffViewer compiles master tariffs, approved filings, and dockets filed with FERC directly from the eTariffManager server to a webpage complete with word search capabilities.

  • Improves the workflow process for tariff compliance and eliminates manual process of reconstructing and uploading whole tariff documents

  • Updates newly filed tariffs and confirmed dockets and orders from the database to the website.

  • Maintains the same look and feel of any company website.

  • Enables text searches to locate any document in a tariff through a phrase or single word search.

  • Displays properties, content and relationships between tariffs, filings, sections and dockets associated with each tariff.

  • Exports sections, filings or whole tariff documents in read only PDF or Word Format.


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