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Systrends and ECC Announce Partnership for EQR Reporting

Systrends and Energy Compliance Consulting (ECC) announce the integration of services to streamline the development of a new Electric Quarterly Report (EQR) filing software as a result of a proposed rule change by the FERC. The partnership provides a perfect combination of expertise in EQR reporting requirements and development of energy compliance software solutions.

“The collective efforts from each company will provide the necessary knowledge to develop an EQR software solution that will take EQR to the next level; we look forward to working with Systrends to provide the best of breed solution in the market,” said Barbara Bourque, President of ECC.

EQRs contain contract and transaction information which allows FERC to monitor energy markets. Systrends and ECC will work together to develop the premier EQR management software necessary to generate the EQRs based on the new FERC requirements.

“It will be great to work with the leading EQR expert in the industry and we look forward to providing the right solution for our existing client base as well as new customers,” said David Darnell, CEO of Systrends.

About Systrends

Systrends is a data transaction and distribution software company that provides a full range of solutions in the data management industry. Systrends specializes in web based software for the Energy markets and continues to lead the industry in standards development of electronic data interchange. Systrends currently has a major presence in the utility industry with approximately 300 companies utilizing our transaction solutions, eTariffManager and T2.

About Energy Compliance Consulting

Energy Compliance Consulting (ECC) is a small, woman-owned consulting firm that has provided EQR consulting expertise to hundreds of utilities. Prior to founding Energy Compliance Consulting in 2008, Barbara Bourque, ECC's President, worked at FERC for over 25 years, managing the development and implementation of FERC’s Electric Quarterly Report program from its inception until 2005. She worked at Arizona Public Service Company (APS) from 2005 to 2008, managing regulatory compliance on the trading floor.


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