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Systrends Comments on the FERC's NOPR Revising EQR Filing Process

Systrends Comments Filed to FERC in EQR Revisions NOPR

Systrends submitted comments to FERC on Friday, February 16 in support of their Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) to modify filing processes for Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR) and revise and eliminate a number of data fields and definitions.

Systrends offers the only comprehensive suite of FERC reporting software to the energy industry and is proud to represent over 2,000 regulated companies. As a third-party software vendor, we have supported the preparation, validation, and submission of Electric Quarterly Reports since 2013 when the Commission initially transitioned to a web-based submission platform. We intend to update our current EQR application in compliance with the final rule of the FERC's NOPR. With that in mind, our comments focused on items that impact our customers and forthcoming software development efforts.

To read our comments in full, visit the FERC's eLibrary.

To subscribe to Docket RM23-9-000, visit FERC Online.


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