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eMBRData - FERC Order 860

Securely Submit Data to FERC Relational Database

MBR Filings

eMBRdata is an easy-to-use application containing up-to-date filing requirements and is designed for both single filings and multiple users filing for multiple entities.

eMBRdata provides either a bulk upload template or a single table template to gather the required information for FERC Relational    Database.

MBR Validations

eMBRdata has a full set of validation checks and business rule requirements that will validate all aspects of the tables.


The validation summary report provides an overview of errors and shows which tab and row contain errors. eMBRdata will ensure mistake-free filings.

FERC Status Updates

eMBRdata submits your XML file directly to FERC using a secure transmission.            


Confirmation of successful submission and automated filing status are populated directly in the software after the filing is sent to FERC, so the user knows the status of the submission through every step.

Auto Population 

Data from the FERC relational database is pulled into the application for easy creation of update filings.

The software will auto-populate reference IDs assigned by FERC and import previously submitted data, allowing the user to easily update the information.

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