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Systrends Develops XML Loader for eTariff Software

Systrends Product Update | eTariffManager

A new feature has been added to eTariffManager called eTariffLoader. This application will upload XML files generated by eTariffManager or another vendor software in the eTariffManager system. The XML Loader also has been designed to upload FERC XML exported from the eLibrary. eTariffLoader allows baseline filings plus any additional filings created by a company to be uploaded and stored in the system. This aids in creating subsequent filings with the proper metadata needed for FERC.

eTariffLoader is designed to help any company that adds additional customers who have already filed with FERC or wish to change from another eTariff vendor to Systrends eTariffManager to generate their filings. The loader is easy to operate with no manual process to enter in meta data from the XML. The loader does everything including validation checks to make sure the information and XML are the proper format.

All Systrends hosted customers will receive the eTariffLoader automatically. Additional eTariffLoader downloads available in our application include the release notes, installation guide and user guide to help you install and operate the XML loader.

Please Note: Systrends has thoroughly tested XML from FERC eLibrary and discovered invalid data inside some of the files. Validation checks in eTariffLoader will prevent any invalid XML from being loaded into the system. If you run into a problem with any FERC XML not loading properly, please call eTariff customer support.

FERC XML also does not contain attachments (transmittal letters, etc). If you require attachments to be loaded into eTariffManager, then you must obtain the original XML file from the filer or owner which will contain the attachment and will load automatically into eTariffManager.


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